Dani Cohn's Story

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"I will never forget the day my best friend told me the news. I remember sitting in my room knowing he was coming over to tell me something. I couldn't help but feel a gut reaction that a cancer diagnosis was coming my way. I was right. His mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer. We all cried. It was caught early enough that treatments were available. I remember her losing all her hair and feeling just miserable. For the entire month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I campaigned for my friends and classmates to "On Wednesday's, We Wear Pink" in support of survivors and sufferers alike. As someone who wants to go into medicine, it showed me an insider's view into cancer. It later helped my experience when I volunteered in a cancer center. There I got to meet patients, survivors and newly diagnosed, going through chemo or radiation. I actually had the opportunity to sit in on breast surgeries for cancer patients. For me what was a learning experience was literally their entire life. Thankfully, my friend's mom is now in remission, with a full head of hair. It taught me to appreciate life because it can be taken at any moment."

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