Mia Skjæret Hanssen's Story

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"This year i found a tumor in my Breast and for a while I didn't know what it was. And then I got it checked and thank god for it wasn't cancer but we didn't know for a while which was scary but the tumor kept growing no matter if it was cancerous or not so this year I had surgery on my boob to get it removed before it became 2 big. It was the scariest experience of my life. And I love that this company is giving to breast cancer research. WOMEN MATTER!❤️ Stay safe ladies and also men!"

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  • When I was in fourth grade I found out my mom was very sick. She had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. At such a young age I didn’t understand what was happening to my mother. With time she was able to overcome such a terrible sickness. Since then she has been 11 years breast cancer free. Now I know how strong my mother has been!

    Karla Lopez

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