Noelle Anzivine's Story

IG: @Noelleee_xo

"In 2012 my Aunt Laurie passed away due to breast cancer. Anybody who knew my aunt knew she was an angel on earth, she was always willing to help anybody, be a friend to anyone who needed one and she was a lover of all animals. After she passed, my family and I decided to carry on her legacy of helping others by starting something that we decided to call The Pink Pumpkin Project. We started decorating pumpkins pink and selling them for $10 and donating all the money to women in our area fighting breast cancer to help pay for their doctors appointments, expenses, or anything they might need. 5 years later, and our project blew up. We have raised over $100,000 and helped over 100 women. We hold celebrations and events to raise money for them as well. We recently just held a 5k walk/ run and raised over $9,000 and in September we have a big celebration. You can read more about all of this on our website, My aunt may not have won her battle with breast cancer but because of her we have been able to help so many amazing women and support them in their fight."

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